MC-201 Base Can Unit

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Can filler
Our Base unit is a fully automatic, expandable system.  Our pre-rinse, date code , shrink label heat tunnel, can all be added to the base line.

•	110v GFCI supply power x 20 amp to be provided by user
•	Clean filtered compressed air to be provided by user (5 SFCM minimum , clean, dry and filtered)
•	Co2 for an purge and under cap gas to be provided by user (1/4 tube with quick disconnect)
•	24 vdc controls package
•	6” color touch screen for machine control
•	4 foot long plastic belted feed conveyor that is slave driven off main conveyor
•	Operator feeds cans to conveyor
•	Conveyor drives cans over a transition plate
•	The customer may print the bottom of cans through a slot in the transition plate
•	Cans encounter an escapement system similar to the main line fill station
•	Cans are rotated back 140 degrees
•	Solenoid valve opens dispensing customer supplied hot water or pressurized sanitizer for 2 seconds
•	Cans drip dry for 2 seconds before being returned to the conveyor
•	Escapement allows cans to chase previously filled cans out of the fill station
•	Customer supplied sanitizer tanks and plumbing if used
•	Hose connector supplied to rinse system
•	System will can between 40 and 60 cases per minute (carbonation dependent)
•	6 head filler with independently controlled FDA food grade valves
•	Independent head space fill sensors control valves insuring the same headspace in all cans
•	Industry standard chuck and form tooling (runs Crowne, Ball and Rexam)
•	12 oz to 16 oz with a 5 minute change-over procedure
•	Main System measures 5.5’ tall x 8’ long x 30” deep (fits through doorways)
•	4’ In-feed conveyor dis mounts in seconds and can be rolled away for storage
•	Casters for easy transport and storage
•	Leveling pads and caster locks
•	Can rinse and blow-off tunnel
•	This system can be run on kegs if needed
•	Online maintenance manual
•	Online can set-up guide
•	2 Days of training at your facility while running cans at time of delivery
•	2 Year warranty on all made details
•	Warranty on purchased parts (motors, cylinders, etc..) per manufacturer

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