Cheese Drain Table with Optional Cheese Press

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Food prep table
5 Foot Cheese Table with Dutch Lever Press Arms and Optional Height-Adjustable Middle Shelf.
•All Stainless Steel Construction.
•Locking swivel casters allow table to be easily moved when in use or not in use. 
•29" overall width to fit through standard doors and walk-in cooler doors.
•Available in 36", 60" and 72" lengths for a work surface that matches your needs and available space.
•An optional (height adjustable) middle shelf is also available.
•Lower shelf can be used for utensil storage and also for draining.
•A separate utensil storage shelf is located under the main work surface. This can be used for storing molds, lever arms, weights, etc.
•Cheese bags can be hung on the upper support arm.
•Levelers available to control drainage direction.
•Whey bucket can be placed on lower shelf. Flexible 1" tubing directs whey to the bucket and  allows fast draining and easy cleaning
•Modular design so you purchase only what you need. Start with a basic work table, add an extra draining shelf, cheese molds and lever press arms as needed.
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