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Dual Tank Bulk Tank


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Our dual tank bulk tank has a single compressor and functions like an old fashioned ice bank. It has a reservoir of chilled water and two separate milk storage tanks. The milk storage tanks can be two 15 gallon tanks for a total of 30 gallons, a 30 gallon tank and 15 gallon one for a total of 45 gallons, or two 30 gallon tanks for a total of 60 gallons. The Dual Tank Bulk Tank includes a 3/4 HP refrigeration compressor, a chiller water circulation pump, a 160 gallon capacity chiller water reservoir, two tanks, two tank lids, two agitators, two indicating thermometers and two recording thermometers. Recording thermometers are required for new bulk tanks installed after the year 2000. The unit is on casters so that it can be moved for cleaning. For more information, see out website at

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