Small deep-freeze type chiller

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Low Capacity Deep Freeze Style Chiller (100 Gallon, 1/6 HP) - works well with smaller vats (4, 15 and 30 gallon) and with people who are just processing one batch a day.  The compressors are very small and the recovery time (to get the ice water cold again) before you can process another batch can be as much as 12-15 hours.  We start out with a 25 cubic foot deep freeze, add casters so you can move the unit around for cleaning your processing room, drill ports so water can be pumped in and out of the chiller, add a circulation pump and a temperature controller to keep the vat from freezing the water to a solid block of ice and finally put a stainless steel lid on the top that allows the chiller to serve double duty as a sanitary work surface. 
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