Table Top Pasteurizer System

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This small scale pasteurizing system includes: 
•A legal 4 gallon  (1.5 gallon minimum up to 4 gallon maximum) pasteurizer (3-A Approved) available with either 110V or 220V heating elements
•Chart recorder with digital indicating thermometers, airspace heater, agitator, temperature controller
•Heating/Cooling tank with circulation pump for cooling milk after pasteurization
     We also have an available add-on kit that includes 2 extra vats so that you can be processing 3 vats one right after the other,        i.e. preheating in one, pasteurizing in another and cooling in the third.  With this approach you maybe able to do an additional 4 gallon batch every 45 to 60 minutes after the first batch is completed.
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