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Bag in Box Filler BBF14

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The bag-in-box filler BBF14 is a semiautomatic filling machine which can be used to fill single bags and/or webbed bags. It can fill 1-5.3 gal bags. The BBF14 is designed for cold fill ( including wine) as well as for hot filling up to 80?°C. bags can be topped with nitrogen, which is important for bag-in-Box wine Specifications: Connection: 3/N/P 120/240V or 277/480?V Compressed air: 90 lbs. Filling performance /h (bag on tape): approx. 300 bags./1 gal approx. 280 bags/1.5gal approx. 250 bags./2.5 gal. Length: 1100 mm - 43.3" Width: 900 mm - 35.4" Height: 1600 mm - 63" Weight: 210 kg - 463 lbs.

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