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Pasteurizer EHA 8


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The pasteurizer EHA 8 is a simple yet extremely efficient design made with high-quality stainless steel components. Pasteurizing up to 90 liters (23 gal) of juice per hour in a flow-through system. ( NO BATCH HEATING) Gauges for Water and juice temperature installed Level indicator installed in juice container (top section) Easy to clean The pasteurizer EHA 8 was specifically designed for private use and small cideries. The two stainless steel sections of the pasteurizer work as follows: The bottom part is filled with water that needs to be heated by an outside heating source (best works a single burner propane stove, which is available at most hardware stores). Inside the bottom pot is the built in stainless steel tube heat exchanger through which the juice flows. The stainless steel top section of the pasteurizer contains the juice to be pasteurized. When the water in the bottom pot has reached the temperature between 200 and 215 degrees Fahrenheit, the juice from the top part can now be gravity fed through the heat exchanger. Passing through the heat exchanger the juice will be heated up to 176 degrees F. Specification: Capacity /h: approx. 80 l/h at 80°C Water content of the water tank: approx. 30 l Juice content: approx. 1 l Recommended heating power: 8 - 9 kW Heating time: approx. 30 - 45 min Length: 500 mm Width: 500 mm Height: 700 mm Weight (empty): approx. 17 kg

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