Pasteurizer EHA 90

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This easy to operate pasteurizer is designed to pasteurize juice and equivalent products with a capacity up to 900 liters  an hour (239 gal/h)
It is equipped with fully automatic controls.
Designed for high efficiency by counter flow.
higher viscosities also possible (for example tomato juice)
The heating source is an oil-fired boiler. 
flow of juice is regulated by  thermostats  that control the speed of the juice pump through the heat exchanger.
All components are assembled on a stable stainless steel frame with adjustable feet or roles for the transportation of the plant.
Length: 1200 mm - 48'
Width:1000 mm - 39"
Height: 1600 mm - 63"
Production capacity/h: approx. 900 l/h -  238gal./h
Exchanger surface: 2,40 m² 
Exchanger tube: 25 x 1,5  36m
Juice content: 13,7 l
Heating energy: fuel oil
Consumption /h: approx. 9 l/h
Calorific power: 90 kW
Electric motor: 4 kW
Weight: 450 kg (900lbs)

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