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Pasteurizer EHA27E


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This electrically heated pasteurizer system is designed specifically for the production of fruit juice in small businesses. very easy to operate high efficiency by counter flow even high viscosities possible (such as tomato juice) The heat exchanger heats the juice. An electronically adjustable temperature controller keeps the water temperature constant. The juice temperature is easy to monitor via a digital thermometer on the juice output or on the bottlers. The EHA27E is equipped with a fully electronic juice temperature control. Specifications: Production capacity: up to 79 gal/hour (300L/h) Length: 770 mm - 30.3" Width: 850 mm - 33.5" Height: 1150 mm - 45.3" Electrical power: 27 kW Water content: 35 l Heating time to reach production temp.: 8 - 10 min

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