Cold Shot Glycol Chiller - 220v Three Phase, 15 Ton

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Glycol chiller
US Made industrial glycol chillers available in a wide range of tonnages.

Cold Shot Chillers, sold by MoreWine!, are some of the most dependable and economical chillers on the market.  These portable air-cooled chillers are built in the USA with time-proven components, and are supported 24/7 by a network of techs in the US. 

These chillers are built to provide a lifetime of service, allowing precise temperature control during all aspects of the wine or beer making process.  Powerful compressors combined with a large reservoir means huge cooling capacities, able to keep you running through the hottest months.

Cold Shot Chillers are built with high quality components designed for trouble-free use, but should an issue occur, technical support is available at all times, and if necessary a technician familiar with your unit can come service it on site. 


    Cooling of must for cold soaks, slow starting ferments
    Cooling must for cold soaking or slow starting / low temp ferments
    Cold stabilization of wine
    Controlling fermentation temperatures
    Maintaining storage temperatures in tanks / barrels
    Controlling cellar or winery air temperatures with a fan unit


    15 tons (180,000 BTU/hr)
    80 Gallon Stainless Steel Reservoir Tank with Lid
    This Low Temp Model has a leaving fluid temperature range of 20 - 70° F.
    2” MNPT Inlet and Outlet
    Stainless Steel 3 HP Centrifugal Pump outputs 95 GPM at 30 PSI
    230 v 3 phase power (MCA 71.8) Required
    Casters Included (two swivel locking and two fixed)
    Large Reservoir easily filled from outside, and level indicated with sight gauge
    1 Year Parts Warranty
    5 Year Warranty on Compressor
    Welded steel powder coated frame and full metal cabinet with copper piping connections
    Digital Temperature controller with Self-Diagnostic control system
    Rugged Protection, while still easy to maintain and Wash Down
    High Flow Pump, Long Life, Dependable units!
    Stainless Steel Plate Evaporators Vacuum brazed with Copper
    Dependable Copeland Welded hermetic Scroll Compressors
    1600 lb

Please Note:  This unit REQUIRES 230 v Three Phase power (MCA 71.8) and will not function on anything else.   Please confirm that you have the proper power for this unit before purchasing, and plan to have a qualified electrician wire the necessary plug to the cord.

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