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Kreyer Chilly Max 50 Portable Glycol Chiller/Heater - 230v Single Phase, 1.8 Ton

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Cooling and Heating in one unit! Every Winemaker can appreciate the benefits of precise temperature control during all stages of production. This mobile unit allows you to easily control your ferment temperatures, heat your tanks during winter to expedite Malo-Lactic fermentation, or cold-stabilize your white wines. This unit can be used as portable unit in a larger winery or as a fixed system supplying a glycol loop in a smaller winery. Unit is used for heating or cooling but cannot supply both at the same time. Manufactured by Kreyer, the World's leading producers of wine-cooling equipment. Uses: Cooling of must for cold soaks, slow starting ferments Heating up must after a cold soak period Cold Stabilization of tartaric crystals Controlling fermenting temperatures through cooling or heating Maintaining storage temperatures in tanks/barrels Check out these features: Cools or Heats 1.8 Tons (21,840btu) of cooling power .85 Tons of heating power Can cool glycol/water bath down to -10C/14F or up to 42C/107F 230V 60Hz Single phase Power supply Required Rolls on four locking casters Sheet metal housing, electrolytic galvanized high surface quality, powder-coated and abrasion-resistant casing 7 Gallon Insulated Plastic glycol/water reservoir Easy to fill from outside Evaporator coil made of stainless steel High-quality Grundfos recirculation pump Built in pressure switch shuts down recirculation pump when not needed Digital Thermostat Lifting/Crane Hooks for transport All panels remove for easy access All units pass multiple tests prior to shipment German Engineering Controlled by compact PC boards with a temperature accuracy up to 0.1 degree Celsius. 33"L x 25"W x 31.5"T Unit has 1"MPT w/ 3/4" FPT inlet / outlet 6 Month Electrical Warranty 1 Year Mechanical Warranty Please Note: This unit REQUIRES 230 v Single Phase power and will not function on anything else. Please confirm that you have the proper power for this unit before purchasing, and plan to have a qualified electrician wire the necessary plug to the cord.

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