Bottle Unscrambler P-2-H

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APPLICATION OVERVIEW:      Dia.     L       W          H      BPM

120cc-300cc bottles                   1 ½”                           4”    40-50

Internal Hopper/Elevator Assembly.
5 cubic feet capacity (145 Liters), stainless steel bin.
24 Inch (610 mm) diameter Disc Sorter with stainless steel liner.
Urethane covered drive disc.
Adjustable air jets and paddle wheel assemblies.
(1) Set of Change Parts for one size container consisting of:
Orienting Drop Chute (Stainless Steel)
Sorter Disc Plate (PP)
Self-priming change part chutes
Maximum Bottle Dimensions ¾ to 2-1/2” wide by 5” tall

Technical Specifications:

- PLC/Touch screen & Display
- Proface model LT3201, combination PLC & 3.8” Touch screen.
- Display features output speed, fault notices, change-over settings for all containers, PLC I/O monitoring, timer access, and password level access.
- Controls are category 4 safety rated.
- Variable speed DC drives.
- Easy to use, digital push button potentiometers.
- Photoelectric Controls for automatic operation.
- Includes conveyor backlog control.
- Sturdy enclosed "Clamshell" frame design.
- Tubular support frames.
- Steel frame finished with clear coated “Steel-it”.
- Lexan covers on top of unit and bin access door (non-interlocked)
- Simple and versatile dual starwheel orienting technique.
- Unscrambler installs over your existing conveyor and discharges the container at 36" (+/-2") [914 mm].
- 120 VAC, 15 amp electric required with separate ground.
- Clean compressed air required at 80 psi (5.5 Bar).

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