Craft Beverage Bottling and Labeling System

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Bottle filler
Automation: Automatic
Meheen’s bottling technologies are a customized solution engineered for your needs. From beer and cider to tea, water, soda, and more. Whatever your bottling needs, Meheen can customize a complete filler-crowner system to accommodate any size and shape glass or aluminum bottle with the production volumes you require. Choose from 2, 4 and 6 head filler systems for any type of beverage product you wish to bottle and label. Meheen can have you immediately bottling and labeling up to 2,300 bottles per hour.

Technical Specifications:

- Fully Automated
- Touch Screen Controls
- Auto Cleaning/Sanitizing
- Auto Crown Sorter
- Auto Fill Detection
- Auto Leak Detection
- CO2 Pulse Intensity
- Single & Double Pre-Evac

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