eMark CO2

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Laser coder
Economical and Versatile CO2 Laser Coding System
- Economical laser coding at CIJ pricing
- Multi-lens positioning and small footprint for flexible mounting options
- Vector quality, permanent coding of text, date and time codes, serial numbers,  barcodes and 2D codes, and graphics
- Laser coding requires no ink/solvent  consumables for a lower overall cost of ownership
- Clean and eco-friendly coding system

Technical Specifications:
- USB/Ethernet 10 Base T Port
- SolMark II design software available for Windows XP and Windows 7.
- Discrete Inputs/Outputs for system interlock, status and layer selection mode.
- Handheld terminal for local control
- Safety enclosure with product detector holder
- Rugged T-Base stand for quick installation
- WiFi ready when USB device is used
- Shaft encoder with mechanical holder and wheel
- Product detector
- File selection hand switch
- External air blower for cooling in harsh environment
- Fume/Dust extractor with active carbon filter

- Different language versions available: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish,Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, and Portuguese

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