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Hybrid Steam and InfraRed Heat Tunnel

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Combination Steam and Electric shrink Tunnel for difficult, very precise, and or widely contoured containers. Steam, delivers a better shrink than pure electric. The addition of a small steam generator and specially designed steam tubes to our Infra red Tunnel gives this better shrink but at an affordable price. Several sizes are available and our 48 inch Tunnel has dual zones for both the infra red heaters and the steam tubes to enable gentle even shrink at the entrance to the tunnel and to finish with a hotter exit. The further advantage to the combination Hybrid tunnel is that only a little steam is used and so the process is much drier than it would be with a steam only tunnel and also the shrinking is completed in much less space than conventional tunnels. Technical Specifications: - All Stainless steel construction (except plumbing which is copper/brass). - Two (2) Temperature controlled 48” long infrared and convection heat zone - 8” wide x 12” high heated chamber - 8 Gold plated quartz tube heater elements, 4 on each side - Double Walled tunnel construction - Dual Fans - Dual Heat Zones - Driven by powerful 1/4 Hp, AC frequency variable speed fan motor - Includes self-contained Steam Generator - Includes an electric height adjustable stand - Heat Resistant curtains

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