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Labeling machine
The MACH4 series offers all the features of a high class industrial printer with a wide application range. Labels and ribbons can be inserted from the front. The print mechanism and housing are made of premium materials and are perfectly harmonized in their form and function.

Easy and comfortable handling and high reliability were the requirements during development. The large display with white backlight offers optimum readability. The navigation pad with the additional “Enter” button simplifies operation, with only the operated functions being displayed. The centered label path eliminates the need for adjustments and avoids wrinkling of the ribbon.The high-tech electronic board incorporates all the requisite interfaces as standard and works with all kinds of adapters.

The MACH4 is available with 203, 300 and 600 dpi print resolution. For battery operation, a control PCB with 24 V battery is built in instead of a power supply unit. This means that the printer can be used on the move. The battery capacity is sufficient for at least one working day. The label printers can also be equipped with an RFID read/write unit for transponders in Smart labels with 13.56 MHz in line with ISO 15693.

Technical Specifications:

Label printer	MACH4
Printing method  Thermal transfer	standard	standard	standard
Printing method  Thermal direct	standard	standard	-
Print resolution dpi	203	300	600
Print speed up to mm/s	200	200	100
Print width mm	104	105,6	105,6
Labels, continuous rolls or fan-folded: Paper, cardboard, textile, plastics such as PET, PE, PP, PVC, PU, acrylate, PI

Material thickness: 0,055 - 0,8 mm | Weight : 60 - 200 g/m2

Label width1) : 6 – 116 mm

Width of carrier or continuous material: 25 - 120 mm / from 0,4 mm material thickness 5 - 120 mm

Label height1) : 5 – 4500 mm / when dispensing1) from : 20 mm

Material height when cutting1) from: 12 mm

Media roll total diameter up to:  205 mm

Media roll core diameter: 38 - 100 mm

Media roll winding direction: Outside or inside

Ink: Outside or inside

Roll diameter up to 72 mm

Core diameter: 25 mm

Ribbon length variable up to 360 m

Width2) up to 114 mm

Printer dimensions
Height x Depth x Width: 312 x 435 x 240 mm

Weight: 6 kg

Label sensor
Gap sensor for label edge or punching mark and end of material
Position: Centered or shifted 10 mm to the left

Reflective sensor3) for label edge, punching or centered printing mark

Position adjustable 56 mm to the left /10 mm to the right

Processor high speed 32 Bit ColdFire?/?clock rate: 266 MHz

RAM: 64 MB

Memory IFFS: 8 MB Flash

Slot for CompactFlash Type I memory card

Slot for wireless LAN card

Battery buffer for Real-time clock, printout of time and date, data storage on shut-down

Warning signal: Acoustic signal in case of error

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