Zanasi Z640 Plus High Definition DOD Printer

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Barcode printer
Z640Plus is the sole industrial HD inkjet printer to feature a double printhead that allows for simultaneous and independent coding on porous or non-porous substrates on two separate production lines. The printheads available are: T768 which can print up to 102mm high (4?) and T384 and T384FDI(Fast Drying Ink) which can print up to 51mm high (2?). Z640Plus system can print real time high quality alphanumerical texts, logos and other graphics onto secondary packaging.

Technical Specifications:

- Drives simultaneously up to 2 printheads either 102mm (4”) type (T768) or 50mm (2”) type (T384).
- Line speed capability: up to 90 mt/min (295 ft/min).
- Available fonts: all Windows True Type.
- Bold factor: up to 6 times.
- High quality graphic images printing.
- Message storage: up to 3GB on FLASH memory capacity.
- Automatic date, time, offsets and expiry date multifunctions.
- Basic shape drawing.
- Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits.
- Repeat print – message function.
- Printing in all moving directions.

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