Vertical Filler and Sealer 642W

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Bottle filler
Filling Method: Weight and Volume
The General PRIMUS series machines are designed to help you accomplish both goals in your packaging operation.

Heavy duty mechanical components – PRIMUS models have been in operation since the mid-1990s. No PRIMUS machine has needed replacement of any sealing jaw drive or belt drive components other than the film drive belts. Many competitive machines require major overhauls of drive components every few years.
Simple design – Rugged and simple gets the job done better than more complicated or light weight designs because there are far fewer problems.
High pressure on the seals – PRIMUS machines give you higher pressure on the sealing surfaces than many competitive machines. There are many conditions in which you will need high pressure to make reliable seals.

Technical Specifications:

Primus Control Features:

- Color touch screen operator interface
- Quick adjustment of all operating timing functions
- Password-protected memory for up to 50 sets of operating parameters
- Filler controls integrated into the base machine controls
- Bag count and case count screen & output for case change
- Fault indications
- Indication of set temperature and actual temperature of sealing surfaces
- Optional output for Internet and LAN Multiple language  screens
- Provisions for addition of new accessories
- Easy access to all controls components

??Square Bottom Size Range

- Min.: 3.38” (86 mm) face X 2.25” (57 mm) side

- Max.: 9” (230 mm) face X 5” (127 mm) side

- Jaw Drive: Pneumatic

- Pillow Width Range: 4.0” (100 mm) to 14” (356 mm)

- Bag Length Range: Up to 22” (560 mm)

- Filler Options: Auger, Volumetric cup, Liquid pump, Net weight scale, Combination weigher and others.

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