Vertical Filler and Sealer - 70/80/90

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Bottle filler
Filling Method: Weight and Volume
Drawbar machines have performed reliably for decades with a minimum of down time and maintenance costs. Products packaged on General drawbar machines include chemical products, flour, baking powder, yeast, sugar, beans, candies, cereals, detergents, liquid soaps, coffee, powdered eggs, potting soil, industrial greases, hardware, freezer gels, cake mixes , soup mixes, nuts, pet food, popcorn, sauces, stews, soups, pie fillings, salads, rice, seeds, snacks, tea, water and other products.


- Auger filler – Servo driven
- Liquid filler – A number of options available, all made by General
- Linear net weight scales
- Combination net weigher
- Volumetric cup fillers
- Specials per your requirements 

Technical Specifications:
Rugged Frame: The starting point for the dependable operation of any machine is a heavy and rigid frame. The General drawbar frames are welded with 1/2”thick top, center and bottom decks and ¼”thick formed side panels.

Simple Drive: The drawbar is powered by a motor driven gear reducer with an adjustable crank arm. This simple arrangement operates over sustained periods with a minimum of attention.

Hydraulic Operation: The sealing jaws, cutoff knife, back seal and powered film unwind are hydraulically operated. Hydraulics offer the following important advantages:

Simple Design – No complicated, troublesome crank mechanisms
High Sealing Pressure – The higher sealing pressure made possible with hydraulic operation results in fewer leakers, less scrap
Reliability – Hydraulics operate reliably in all conditions with a minimum of attention
Energy Savings – The 2 HP hydraulic motor does the same work that requires 10 HP or higher compressor for air operated machines
Space Savings – The hydraulic system is wholly contained in the machine
Less Maintenance – More run time, less down time 

Package Size Range

70C/P - W: 1.25”/32 mm –8”/203 mm L: 2.5”/63 mm –10”/254 mm

70-2C - W: 1.25”/32mm –4.5”/114 mm L: 2.5”/63mm –10”/254 mm

70W-2C - W: 1.25”/32 mm –6.5”/165 mm L: 2.5”/63 mm –10”/254 mm

80C/P - W: 1.25”/32 mm –10”/254 mm L: 2.5”63 mm –15”/380 mm

80W-2C - W: 1.25”/32 mm –6.5”/165 mm L: 2.5”/63 mm –15”/380 mm

90C/P - W: 4”/100 mm –10”/254 mm L: 4”/100 mm –18”/450 mm

90WC/P - W: 4”/100 mm –14”/356 mm L: 4”/100 mm –18”/450 mm

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