500 litres barrel – French and Hungarian type, great oak barrel, 500 litres

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Our barrels are manufactured by our in-house Standards (KKÜ 07-1959), using the highest quality oak harvested in the Zemplen Hills in Hungary. The staves, which are first split (not sawn) from blocks prior to sawing are carefully air dried for at least 24 months.  

Sanded. The barrel, depending on its size, is held together with 6-8 iron hoops which can be galvanized by fire or acid resistant. Smaller than 2 mms surface eye knot in diameter are allowed.
we offer a variety of different levels of toasting (light to heavy)
Silicone plugs are placed into bungs, then plastic wrapped to help to prevent shipping damage. 
Cubic capacity: 500 litres – 132 gallon
Stave length: 98 cms – 110 cms
Body diameter: 98 cms – 105 cms
Head diameter: 72 cms – 85 cms
Stave thickness: 30 mms – 35 mms
Number of hoops: 8 
Numbers of rivets: 16 
Diameter of bung hole: 50 mm
Weight:  85 kgs

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