6 Head Overflow Filling Machine

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Product Type:
Bottle filler
Carbonation: No
Bottle Type: Glass  and Plastic
Filling Method: Visual Level
Automation: Automatic
Machine includes:
6 overflow nozzles with product compatible seals
Nozzle spacing fully adjustable through top screw.
Diving heads
Stainless steel and aluminum frame
Automatic bottle indexing using air cylinders to index bottles
Allen Bradley PLC controls with operator interface
Stainless steel manifold
Stainless steel and Viton fill pump or appropriate pump
All automatic options available.
Machine built to be adjustable and tested to run your products and containers.

Overflow Filling Machine Applications:
An overflow filling machine is best suited for liquids with low to medium viscosity, liquids with solid particulates can also be filled. Overflow fillers are well suited for handling foamy products at reasonable speeds.
Products filled on overflow Filling Machines range from: sauces, syrups, light gels, shampoos, foamy cleansers and chemicals, to water and other non carbonated beverages. Will fill plastic or glass containers.
Overflow Filling Machine Advantages are: High performance, easy to clean, easy to operate, expandable at low cost. Offers great flexibility.

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