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Model GLF Level Gravity Filling

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The Gravity Fillers by Level are designed for the beverages industry as Wine, Spirits, Vinegar, Oil, Juices, etc. and it’s a very flexible machine suitable to be adapted to a large range of bottles and caps indicated for low and medium speed. The Filling system, according to the type of bottles and product, may be by Gravity or with Independent Air Return for examples for dense product as Oil or to upgrade the speed. This system is indicated for Glass and PET bottles and all the machines can be provided with CIP system for the cleaning of the machine, dummy bottles for sanitizing of the filling valves. The machine can be designed in standard version with piston lifting bottles for Glass or in Neck-Handling version for PET. All the monoblocks are available in Rinsing, Filling and Capping version or without the Rinsing turret.

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