Olympic 4 inch Copper Flute Still – 4 Sections with 26 gallon (100L) Boiler

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Distillation still
The Copper Flute comes with a 4? copper column and 3? Sight glass allowing you to view the condensing as it happens. This column includes 4 copper sections with copper bubble plates. If you want to add more sections to this still, we sell additional sections separately. This modular still allows you to run as many sections as you like. This allows the unit to produce a wide range of products.
Includes shotgun condenser, dephlegmator and a built in proofing parrot. All modular sections are copper and are easily disassembled for cleaning. Built like a battleship, the premium quality, mirror-polished  26 gallon boiler comes with a drain, filler neck, and fitting for electric heating element. We can get you any size boiler for this column. Contact us for details.
You can purchase the column only,  column with boiler, and with or without the electric heating setup. 

We can get you any size still you need up to 1000 gallons. Delivery in 5-8 weeks. Custom orders may take longer. Technical drawings available.

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