Aesus AF-1 Semi-Auto Liquid Filler - Gear Pump

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Bottle filler

Why choose an Aesus AF-1 Little Filler?
To select a liquid filler there are decisions to make – speed price, capabilities, convenience, ease of operation, reliability etc.. Likewise in the manufacturing of a filling machine similar considerations apply. From the very many alternatives, we selected positive displacement gear pump as the preferred technology. 
- The advantages are as follows:
-  Any type of product can be handled from light liquids through to heavy creams and pastes. 
-   Each nozzle has its own independent volumetric pump giving the highest possible accuracy. 
-  Variances in viscosity through a batch are less likely to affect the fill. 
-  Setup and changeover is simple and quick. 
-   Product can be fed either from a hopper above or from a drum below. 
-  The gear pump is always immediately ready to fill again after the previous fill. 
-  There is no suction stroke to wait for, as with piston fillers. 
-  There are no limitations on the volume dispensed. From milliliters to gallons it is simply how long the gear pump runs for. 
-  Accuracies of ±0.5% are easily achievable. 
-  The adjustment of 1 nozzle does not affect any other nozzle. 
-  The units are very compact 

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