Campbell Wrapper - Horizontal Flow Wrappers

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Flow wrapper
description:     For over 65 Years!
Quality horizontal flow wrappers and feeding equipment for the food, medical, personal care, household product, and paper industries.

Campbell Fin Seal Flow Wrappers are designed for packaging a wide range of products to be wrapped at high speeds of up to 600 products per minute.

Fin Seal Wrapper features include:
•Sanitary machine design allows for easy clean-up
•Reliable Allen-Bradley Control System
•Robust machine construction
•Cantilevered design
•No product, no package
•Out of position product, no cut
•Recipe retrieval/fault display/production information
•Stainless steel construction
•Wrappers can easily be integrated with Campbell’s full line of automatic feeding/product distribution systems and other upstream or downstream equipment.

Fin Seal Wrappers can handle film types such as:
• Cold seal
• High density polyethylene
• Laminates
• Metalized
• Poly-coated paper
• Polypropylene

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