Hamer-Fischbein - 600NW+ Net Weigh Scales

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Bag filling machine
Hamer has multiple different models of their NET WEIGH Scales

Hamer™ Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Bagging Scale

Hamer™ Model 600NW+ Belt Feed Bagging Scale, Innovative Easy Clean™ Design

Hamer™ Model 600NW+ Gravity Servo Net Weigh Bagging Scale

The revolutionary design of the Hamer Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Bagging Scale continues to set the standard for durability, speed and accuracy in net weigh filling. We have recently made significant improvements to the net weigh scale electronics that have increased response time generating even higher speed and accuracy.

Developed with industrial users in mind, this net weigh scale has twice the steel of competitive models. Critical areas such as load cell mounting, weigh bucket, weight bucket doors, gravity gate and all areas where pneumatics attach utilize much higher steel content to keep the scale working long after others quit. Proprietary load cell mounting, gravity gate and weigh bucket design along with signal processing software provide speeds up to 25+ bags per minute in simplex (single scale) configuration. Accuracy is not sacrificed for speed. Each weighing is repeatable and accurate. The 600NW+ net weigh scale is the first scale of its kind – built from the ground up it provides both high speed and accurate weighing for all bagging and filling operations.

Suitable for bagging a wide variety of products, including:  Fertilizer, Chemicals, Salt, Ice melt, Feed Additives, Animal Feeds, Pellet Fuels, Pelleted Feeds.

Accuracy +/- .5 oz (15g) @ 2 sigma 
Hamer Model 600NW+ Simplex Bagging Scale 
Hamer Model 600NW+ Simplex Bagging Scale

- Accuracy +/- .5 oz (15g) @ 2 sigma 
- Speed: Fast, Simplex rates of up to 26 bags per minute
- Gravity, Gravity Servo, Belt, Vibratory, Gravity/Vibratory versions
- Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
- Truweigh™ mechanical load damping
- Heavy duty steel construction
- Industrial grade pneumatics
- 10 lb to 110 lb (5kg to 50 kg) weight range
- Rice Lake 920i digital weigh indicator
- Large, easy to read weight display
- 100 product storage
- Hand bagging spouts
- Stand alone scale support structures
- Extensive list of available options

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