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Phoenix Stretch Wrapper - Semi-Automatic

Product description Phoenix has multiple models of semi-automatic stretch wrappers. You first need to figure out if you want to load the wrapper with a fork lift (high profile) or with a pallet jack (low profile). Then you must determine the maximum height of your pallet load. LOW PROFILES TURNTABLE - PHP-2100, PHP2150, PHP 2300 - Low profile Turntable Systems are designed for pallet jack operation. With the turntable under 3" from the floor height, pallet jacks easily place loads on this series using a ramp. HIGH PROFILES TURNTABLE - PHP-2100, PHP2150, PHP 2300 - High profile turntable stretch wrap machines are designed specifically for forklift-loaded applications. The turntable is raised to provide easy loading and positioning access compared to low profile pallet wrapping machines. OVERHEAD ROTARY ARMS - PRTW-2150, PRTW-2200, PRTL-2150, PRTL-2200, PRTG-2150, PRTG-2200. This Overhead Rotary Tower allow loads to be wrapped while stationary on the floor. Designed for heavy or unstable (light, tall, poorly constructed)pallet loads. Available in (3) mounting configurations Wall Mount, Floor Mount and Free Standing Gantry.

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