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Wexxar Case Erector - WF20, 20 cases/minute

Product description Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector We have 3 models. 10, 20 & 30 cases per minute. We can seal with both pressure sensitive tape and hot melt glue. WF20 & WF30 use our reliable patented PIN & DOME technology which does not rely on vacuum cups to erect open the cases. WF20 Automatic Case Former / Case Erector Features & Specs: •Speed: Maximum 20 cases per minute (CPM) •Positive Case Squaring System: Lines up and squares the case during sealing, creating visually appealing case output. •Tool-less, Color-coded Size Changes: Quick and convenient tool-less, color coded-size change handles with on machine pictorial guides allow for a full size change in under 5 minutes. •Tilt Out Tape Head: Tape head tilts out over outfeed conveyor, for easy rethreading or tape head replacement. Standard Features on All Wexxar Machines: •Pin & Dome: As flat case blank is injected into the two facing plates, the pins goes into the flutes and the dome pinches the corrugated tightly. The two plates then open to 90 degrees to perfectly square the case. This Wexxar patented technology greatly decreases contamination and is more durable than vacuum cups which clog and wear. •Safety & Ergonomic Features: Every Wexxar machine is fully guarded from in-feed to out-feed with interlocked safety guarding throughout with easily accessed control and assemblies and emergency stops stations located on both sides of the machine. •Dynamic Flap Folding: Wexxar case formers have an active flap folding system which consistently form square cases even if the corrugated is heavy like a double wall or softer like recycled corrugated. •Compliant Drive Belt: Each drive belts is mounted on a spring mechanism. This allows a consistent amount of pressure to be exerted on the case by accommodating to the normal variations in each box. Even heavy cases are handled carefully and with great control. •Non-Contacting Sensors: Proximity sensors improve the accuracy of the machine while reducing the number of wear parts. •In-Line Construction: In-line construction allows the machine to form cases without any need for secondary manipulation. Secondary manipulation to the case often cause jams or damage to formed cases. •Simple Design: Trouble shooting Wexxar machines are quick and easy due to a simple and open design. •Small Footprint: Compact footprint allow Wexxar machines to fit into virtually any application and production line. •Tagout/Lockout: Locking out the machine controls the number of users who can turn on and operate the machine. It is also important for safety purposes during machine maintenance. •Paint-Free Construction: Paint free construction allows for operations in food plants and reduces the amount of contaminants and maintenance required. •UL-Listed Electrical Panels: Wexxar meets or exceeds all standards, requirements and specifications •NEMA Electrical Specifications: Wexxar meets or exceeds all standards, requirements and specifications

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