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Bosch Doboy Band Sealers


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The B-550 band sealer provides industrial performance at an economic price. Built to the same high standards as our larger machines, the B-550 features a robost AC motor drive and heat sealing system that precisely seals a wide range of bag materials and formats at high speeds. A full range of styles and options allow you to configure the B-550 to meet your specific needs. See B-550M for Medical Grade applications such as Medical Devices. The Doboy HDPT is a pinch style bag closer designed to seal an inner bag liner and complete a standard pinch closure, providing the most secure bag closure available. Available in three versions, the HDPT provides the ultimate in product protection. In addition to the standard closure, the HDPT is equipped to heat seal an inner bag liner. This produces a hermetically sealed bag, necessary for toxic products or products that have high value. The HDPT 40 features forty inches of heat bars and is adequate for most hand fed application. The HDPT 56 is supplied with 56 inches of heat and is used in automatic bagging liners or difficult bag compositions. The HDPT Capsack provides a bag within a bag. This is important when the outer paper polys are removed and the inner poly bag is used as a batch inclusion or entering a "clean" environment.

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