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Packaging equipment
Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic Packaging Systems for Rigid Preformed Containers.......
Automatic Systems, Denest, Fill, Seal Lidding Film & Place & Seal Lids on Containers....
Continuous Motion Tray Sealer......Seals Film to Trays.

The P-1 Model is an efficient, cost-competitive packaging system that is the backbone of our company. Conveyors modified to customer requirements (length or width) -- denester, volumetric filler, heat seal unit, and lidder -- you'll find the P-1 a perfect addition to your current packaging units.

The P-1 is normally set up for containers in sizes ranging from 7 to 32 ounces, up to 10 pounds and speeds up to 30 containers per minute. P2s (2 wide) and P4s (4 wide) are also available for higher production speeds.

Excellent Packaging Uses for the P-1 System include:
Salsa and Dips
Cottage Cheese (dairy products)
Salads (chicken, macaroni, potato salads, etc.)
Shredded BBQ
Spreads (cheeses, etc.)
Much More...

If you have an item you wish to package -- round, square, rectangle, hexagon, clam shell, or whatever size or shape -- contact us. We eagerly welcome the challenge of packaging new and different items with Performance equipment.

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