Full Line Packaging Systems from Performance Manufacturing

Product description

Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic Packaging Systems for Rigid Preformed Containers....... Automatic Systems, Denest, Fill, Seal Lidding Film & Place & Seal Lids on Containers.... Continuous Motion Tray Sealer......Seals Film to Trays. The P-1 Model is an efficient, cost-competitive packaging system that is the backbone of our company. Conveyors modified to customer requirements (length or width) -- denester, volumetric filler, heat seal unit, and lidder -- you'll find the P-1 a perfect addition to your current packaging units. The P-1 is normally set up for containers in sizes ranging from 7 to 32 ounces, up to 10 pounds and speeds up to 30 containers per minute. P2s (2 wide) and P4s (4 wide) are also available for higher production speeds. Excellent Packaging Uses for the P-1 System include: Salsa and Dips Cottage Cheese (dairy products) Salads (chicken, macaroni, potato salads, etc.) Oysters Soups Shredded BBQ Spreads (cheeses, etc.) Much More... If you have an item you wish to package -- round, square, rectangle, hexagon, clam shell, or whatever size or shape -- contact us. We eagerly welcome the challenge of packaging new and different items with Performance equipment.

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