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Bakers Pride Y Series Gas Deck Oven


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Double your production & save! FREE SHIPPING ON DOUBLE-STACKS!! Bakers Pride SuperDeck Y Series Gas Deck Ovens are designed for high volume, high quality pizza operations. The Y-600 Series oven is the best selling deck oven in the world. These models feature stainless steel front, side, top, and back. Also, the doors are counter balanced with a heavy-duty high-tension spring and will remain open or closed until moved. Heat control dampers assure balanced top and bottom heat for consistent, even baking results. These dampers can be adjusted to give maximum bottom heat during busy production periods. The easily removable heavy-duty flame diverters distribute the burner flame uniformly in the burner chamber. Thermostat has a temperature range from 300 degrees F - 650 degrees F. Stone Hearth Decks are supported by an angle iron frame. These ovens can be stacked two high with no wasted space between them. The Bakers Pride Y-800 and Y-802 have a larger deck size than the Bakers Pride Y-600 and Y-602. The Y-800 and Y-600 are single deck ovens, and the Y-802 and Y-602 are double deck ovens. Note: Casters are not included with this oven. Standard Legs are provided at no extra charge. If purchasing a double stack, short legs are recommended. If purchasing a single stack, High legs are available. Also, if purchasing a Single Stack to place atop an existing oven, you will need short legs. Model Dimensions: Y-600: 36" x 60" deck size 78"W x 43"D x 55 1/8"H overall dimensions. Y-602: 36" x 60" deck size 78"W x 43"D x 66 1/4"H overall dimensions. Y-800: 44" x 66" deck size 84"W x 51"D x 55 1/8"H overall dimensions. Y-802: 44" x 66" deck size 84"W x 51"D x 66 1/4"H overall dimensions. Bakers Pride offers a performance check on all Catalog items within the USA, 5-7 days after up and running. Ship Weight: 1385 lbs (Model Y-600) Cubic Feet: 76 Dimensions (H x W x D): 55.12" x 78" x 43" (Model Y-600) Door Type: Fully Insulated, Spring balanced Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 8" x 36" x 60" (Model Y-600) Number of Doors: 2 (1 for oven/1 for burner box) Temperature: 300 - 650 degrees F Total BTU: 120,000 Product Finish: Stainless Steel

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