Cuppone Pizzaform Dough Press (up to 20" diameter)

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Dough press
PizzaForm is a Cuppone Patent, produced in a range of models to make pizza bases for pizzas measuring from 12,14,16,18, or 20 inches. Features: - High production rate: The PizzaForm can make up to 400 Pizzas in one hour, without having to employ specialized labor. - Perfect Uniformity: In the shape and thickness of the pizza dough bases the PizzaForm creates perfect uniformity without having to renounce the traditional edging (crust), which is obtained thanks to the special configuration of the chromium plated heated plates. - Thickness: The thickness of your pizza dough bases can quickly be changed by the operator using Cuppone's micro mechanical thickness lever. The design of their thermostatically controlled heated chrome pressure plates form a solid thin layer of seared starch gel as the dough is pressed. This seared starch layer on the pressed dough holds back the gas produced in the natural fermentation of the dough and produces perfect even cooking inside of the pizza bases. This equipment , which has been produced completely in stainless steel, comes equipped with all the safety devices required by international legislation. 208/220v/30-60Hz

Available Models: 
Model PZF/30 makes Pizzas up to 12" in diameter. 
Model PZF/35D makes Pizzas up to 14" in diameter. 
Model PZF/40 makes Pizzas up to 16" in diameter. 
Model PZF/45 makes Pizzas up to 18" in diameter. 
Model PZF/50 makes Pizzas up to 20" in diameter. 

*Image shows PizzaForm Dough Press with optional Stand , to be ordered separately. 

Ship Weight: 333 lbs (Model PZF 30)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 30.5" x 24" x 20"
Product Capacity: Presses up to 400 pizzas/hr

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