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Frymaster RE14-TC Electric Fryer (50 lb Oil Capacity)

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The Frymaster RE14-TC is part of Frymaster's new E4 electric fryer series featuring innovative technology that adds improved energy efficiency to their extensive line of electric equipment. Especially designed for high volume frying, they provide increased durability, energy efficiency and reliability. With the highest efficiency rating from the Department of Energy, all E4 electric fryers are Energy Star rated and set a new industry standard for efficient frying. Redesigned swing-up elements allow full access to the frypot allowing every inch to be cleaned and washed down by hand. The ribbon design of the elements provides the best possible heat transfer efficiency. The deep cold zone catches crumbs and sediment from the frying area. These particles are trapped in the cold zone where they do not carbonize, contaminate shortening or cling to fried foods. The TC models incorporate technology developed for the Electric Power Industry under the sponsorship of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). They have advanced electronic switching devices controlling power input by modulating the amount of energy to the electric elements for greater reliability and precise temperature control. Their insulated frypots increase energy efficiency further. They have no moving parts to wear out and are proven to be extremely reliable. TC (EPRI) models also have enhanced diagnostics assist in troubleshooting key components to minimize downtime if maintenance is desired. The RE14TCSD has a 14kW input. It has a minimum of 40-lbs. (20 liters) and maximum 50-lbs. (25 liters) shortening capacity. The frying area is 14" by 15 1/2" (356 x 397 mm). Stainless steel pot, door, enamel cabinet. Options include built in FootPrint PRO filtration and automatic basket lifts. Ship Weight: 191 lbs Cubic Feet: 21.31 Dimensions (H x W x D): 45.4" x 15.6" x 30.9" Product Capacity: 50 lb Oil Product Finish: Stainless steel

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