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Italforni Fast F1C-52R Rotating Deck Oven

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Italforni Fast F1C-52R Rotating Deck Oven. Compact and easy to use, this electric oven is perfect for use in a situation where producing a quality pizza is priority but space is limited or where pizza may not be the main menu item. The cooking surface is refractory stone and can rotate inside the baking chamber, ensuring a perfectly even bake of any food product. The temperature and the revolving plate are both regulated by a simple switch. The ovens 'tipping over' door cuts the electricity supply of the revolving plate once opened. Stainless steel exterior, cooking chamber in aluminum covered steel plate. Temperatures reach up to 850 degrees F. ETL Approved! *Thermic insulation guaranteed by the choice of the best materials available on the market and by the over thirty year experience in the design and construction of high-temperature ovens Most Products ship direct from the factory in Pesaro, Italy. (Prices may be subject to VAT.) Overall Dimensions: 10.02" x 29.13" x 25.6" Interior Dimensions: 52 cm (20.47") diameter Ship Weight: 351 lbs Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.02" x 29.13" x 25.6" Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 52 cm (20.47") diameter Temperature: Up to 850 degrees F Product Capacity: 1 @ 20" pizza

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