Jackson 10AB Washer with Heat Boost (45 racks per hour)

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Commercial dishwasher
The Model 10 has been manufactured for over 70 years and is unique to Jackson. This round machine has a capacity in between that of an undercounter machine and a standard door type machine. For customer convenience, Jackson offers a specialty tabling package (as an option) and special round racks to accommodate this unit. Uses 58 gallons of water per hour, total automatic cycle 72-second cycle, automatic and manual controls, heavy duty construction, incoming water pressure regulator, exclusive counter rotating arms for superior wash action, round design distributes even wash giving superior results, one combination rack, one four-compartment silver rack, one dish rack. All these standard features listed plus a 6.5 KW built-in booster heater . The booster heater is sized to raise incoming water 40 degrees F to 50 degrees F and is thermostatically controlled to maintain proper sanitizing temperature. 

Ship Weight: 200 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 58.25" x 35.5" x 24.25"
Voltage: 208V/3Ph/50-60H,208v/1ph/50-60Hz,220V/1Ph/50-60H,220V/3Ph/50-60H
Product Capacity: 45 racks per Hour
Product Finish: Stainless Steel

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