Marsal CH-4 Gas Charbroiler

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Designed exclusively by Marsal, the Chicken Range eliminates hazardous grease problems caused by other ranges and is the ideal product for cooking chicken and ribs. The CH-4 Chicken Range Char-Broiler has a 34" x 43" grill size (25-30 chicken halves), 1/2" thick grill surface. Shielded, Non-Clogging Burner System is exclusively designed to insure even heating as well as protection from grease accumulation. Unique Stainless Steel Drip Pan acts as a convenient station for draining grease quickly and safely. This Charbroiler features 4 burners with manual controls and offers a Faster Cooking Time due to 30,000 BTU's per burner, enabling faster service and greater production. Built using heavy gauge Stainless Steel body, Stainless Steel adjustable legs, All Units are UL listed. 

Ship Weight: 525 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 37" x 51" x 42"
Total BTU: 120,000
Product Capacity: 25 - 30 chicken halves

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