Marshall Air Autobroil 2424

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Marshall Models 2424 Electric Broilers are designed for high volume hamburger or meat filet production. The 1000°plus metal infrared heat source broils the meat quickly, giving the advantage of speed, plus sealing in juices for better taste. Model 2424(G) has two 24" belts, one for broiling and one for contact toasting, which allows for different cooking speeds and menu flexibility. Food is loaded at the front of broiler or toaster and is automatically delivered to holding trays at rear. An integrated control features 6 menu item programs. ETL & NSF
Hamburger Peak Production:
Frozen:     2 oz. patties 850/hr.
                4 oz. patties 510/hr.
Fresh:       2 oz. patties 1,060/hr.
                4 oz. patties 640/hr.
Buns         Exceeds burger production

(Figures for estimating only. Actual production varies with fat content, surface texture and meat starting temperature.)

Ship Weight: 526 lbs
Voltage: 240v/3ph
Product Finish: Stainless steel

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