Pre-Owned Middleby Marshall PS-360 Gas Conveyor Ovens

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Pizza oven
Pre-Owned Middleby PS-360 (Bottom) Ovens. Standard 360's feature a  54.5" cooking chamber, a 32" wide conveyor belt, and a patented Jet Sweep impingement process that delivers constant heat to the chamber. All ovens feature microprocessor controlled bake time/conveyor speed. Eight adjustable jet fingers per chamber and front loading window are standard. Oven has stainless steel front, sides and top. Heating is controlled in 8" adjustable zones. The conveyor drive is reversible and provides automatic delivery when product is finished. Front-loading window with cool handle design allows product with different bake times to be cooked consistently regardless of loading. 

*Photo shows a Double Stack (top and Bottom). Can be purchased as a Top or a Bottom unit only, or can be double stacked (1 top and 1 bottom unit.) 

Available models vary and may include: standard 360's, 360 Q & 360 S (special finger configurations), 360 WB's (Wide Body models, featuring a 40" Wide Belt ), 360 WB-70's (Wide Body models, featuring a 40" Wide Belt and 70.5" Heating Zone) and Remanufactured 360's. Contact for availability

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