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Somerset SPM-45 Pastry, Calzone Machine

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The somerset SPM-45 Turnover/Pastry & Calzone Machine is a simple hand operated machine which can create big profits for your business. Simply change the dies to make a wide range of products. This machine folds, crimps (with an air-tight seal), trims & seals simultaneously, saving you labor hours. Production is up to 800 pieces per hour. Easy to use, no skill required. Simply place the dough on the die, add filling and rotate 1/2 turn and the finished product drops at the bottom. Perfect for Calzones, Empanadas, Fruit Pies, Pizza Pockets, Pastelillos, pierogis and more! Sanitary stainless steel finish, includes (1) die set DS15 (Half Round Die, 8" x 4" x 2-1/2".) A wide selection of dies in various shapes are available, sold separately. Compact design. Ship Weight: 32 lbs Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.5" x 9" x 14" Product Capacity: Up to 800 pieces/hour Product Finish: stainless steel

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