Wisco 680-1 Countertop Pizza Warmer (2 shelf)

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Pizza warmer
Wisco 680-1 Countertop Pizza Warmer with 2 shelves. 120v. These warmers provide direct bottom heat to keep pizza crusts warm and crisp. Illuminated shelves accentuate the product and are thermostatically controlled to temperature flexibility. Also ideal for holding sandwiches, cookies, biscuits, muffins and other foods at proper serving temperatures. 

Features adjustable thermostat, temperatures from 80 degrees F to above 150 degrees F. Each shelf accommodates up to a 16" pizza.

Ship Weight: 72 lbs
Shelves: 2
Temperature: 80 - 150 degrees F
Voltage: 120v
Product Capacity: 2 @ 16" Pizzas

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