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Wisco Pizza Oven & Warmer Combo

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Wisco Pizza Oven & Warmer Combo for a fantastic Space-Saving (& Money-Saving...) option! The Wisco 560 Countertop Pizza Oven produces the perfect Pizza! This versatile unit handles pizzas up to 16" in diameter. It also cooks thin, thick, and self-rising crusts with ease. Its unique design and versatile capabilities make the 560 the ideal oven for demanding commercial food service environments. 10"h x 24.5"w x 19.75"d. FEATURES: (2) 9/16" x 17" door opening, removable clean-out tray, 15-minute timer with "HOLD" option, attractive stainless steel outer housing, variable control thermostat from 100 to 650 degrees F. The Wisco 680-3 Mini Hutch Merchandiser provides direct bottom heat to keep pizza crusts warm and crisp. Illuminated shelves accentuate the product and are thermostatically controlled to temperature flexibility. Features adjustable thermostat, temperatures from 80 degrees F to above 150 degrees F. Each shelf accommodates up to a 16" pizza. Features Red hood with "Hot Fresh Pizza" graphic panels. Together, this oven/pizza warmer combination is a perfect solution for small spaces!

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