Maltmaster 3-Roller Brewers Grain Mill

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Malt mill
-Manufactured at our Portland plant, the Maltmaster is quickly gaining notoriety as a brewer’s choice grain milling component.

-The only American made mill with a feed rate of 50 pounds of malted barley/minute with a 60 pound hopper capacity that outperforms portland kettle works maltmaster brewery grain millcomparably priced European designs  – the Maltmaster grain mill is engineered specifically for brewing operations.

-The Portland Kettle Works Maltmaster grain mill is made out of 100% 304 grade stainless steel with a three-roller design and uses an explosion-proof motor and switch. Our grain mill is available in single or 3-phase power.

-The best-engineered mash tun in the world cannot deliver high yield and consistency if the grain is not properly milled.

-The answer is to purchase a grain mill designed specifically for brewery operations.

-Our easily adjustable three-roller grain mill is engineered to precisely crack malted grain to your specific needs.

-The Portland Kettle Works Maltmaster grain mill delivers optimal design, engineering and performance in a powerful package.

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