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I-Rinser - Fully Automatic Production Rinser


Product description

Adjustable for many different bottle or can sizes!; Can rinse both bottles AND cans on the same rinser with no changeparts!; User-controlled rinsing and draining times; Primarily Stainless Steel construction and other food grade materials. ; Standard I-Rinser The PPM I-rinser is an Inline, small footprint rinser. It has a powered conveyor, which stages bottles or cans into the gripper arms.  When the proper number of containers are in place, the rubber pads grip the sides of the containers and swing them into the rinsing area, where adjustable nozzles are waiting.  The gripping pads are soft foam, and strategically placed for gripping cans at their strongest points, resulting in zero crushed cans. Because bottles aren't as picky, the same foam placement grips the bottles without worry. So the same gripper works for both bottles and cans! The nozzles spray water into the bottles or cans and then shuts off and allows the containers to drain into the catch pan.  When this is concluded, the arm swings back and returns the containers to the conveyor.  They are released and the next set of bottles begin to enter.  The cycle continues from there. A tri-clamp fitting in the middle of the catch pan can be used to connect a hose to run to a drain if a floor drain isn't nearby.

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