20 BBL F.V. Conicals

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II. For 20BBL FV						
Material:SS304, external and internal finish are polished, roughness less than 0.6mm						
Effective volume:2300L, 25% headspace						
Designing pressure: 0.2MPa, working pressure: 0.15MPa						
Internal diameter 1400mm, shell height 1500mm, total height: 2750mm						
Elliptical top& bottom 						
PU foam insulation 80mm,						
Dimple jacket on shell						
4 legs with adjustable feet and connecting tubes						
Elliptical manhole 450*350mm						
Outlet tube 1.5" with ferrule and butterfly valve						
thermometer and PT100,						
cool water inlet/outlet NPT1"						
Safety valve DN50						
CIP ball and tubes with ferrule 2"						
Pressure gage with ferrule						
Pressure reliefe valve with butterfly valve						
Level indicator male threaded G3/8" with ball valve DN10						
Racking arm						
Sample valve						
Hop port 4"						

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