Baratza Vario-W Weight Based Grinder

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Coffee grinder
Those that want the most consistent results in their coffee brewing weigh their coffee doses. Up until now, one has needed a scale to partner with their grinder to pull this off. Baratza has answered the challenge and rocked the coffee world with their newest grinding innovation: a weight based grinding system. Along with a self-contained system, the Esatto, which can be paired with an existing Baratza model, Baratza has incorporated the weight based dosing system into their flagship coffee/espresso grinder, the Baratza Vario. This new weight based Vario is known as the Baratza Vario-W. This new version has the same features of the Baratza Vario, but incorporates in the weight based grinding technology.


54mm ceramic flat burrs manufactured by Mahlkonig, designed to last twice as long as steel burrs
230 repeatable grind settings
Unique "dual cam" grind adjustment features two distinct adjustment levers
Vario-W uses real-time weight-based grinding with a built-in electronic scale. Set the weight you want and the Vario-W grinds the coffee to within +/- 0.2 g while grinding, and stops automatically.
Three programmable dosage buttons which allow you to set the dosage for three different brew sizes or methods.
The Vario grinds approximately 1.5 grams/second at Espresso and 2.5 grams/second at Press.
Digital LCD display tracks the weight dosage to the tenth of a gram.
New 886 model comes packaged with the all-metal Portaholder for hands-free espresso dosing.
Manufacturer:	Baratza
Model:	Vario-W
List Price:	$700
Length:	7"
Width:	5"
Height:	14.5"
Weight:	9 lbs.

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