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Bunn Trifecta Automatic Single-Cup Brewing System

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The Trifecta is much more than an automatic coffee maker: it's a completely new brew method. Baristas can manipulate 11 variables through its interface, controlling nearly every aspect of what happens in the brew chamber. With air infusion and a metal mesh filter, Bunn's Trifecta brewer will produce one of the most unique cups you've had in a long time. So how does it work? Lift that shiny handle to open the Trifecta's brewing chamber, then add ground coffee. Using the digital menu, manipulate the many variables or select a saved recipe. Finally, hit "brew" and watch with wonder. Full immersion and air infusion assist in even extraction, and the metal mesh filter yields coffee with a big presence on your palate. With the Trifecta, control... Water volume: 2- to 16-ounces Water temperature: adjusted in 1ยบ increments, F or C Pre-wet: cold water cycle, recommended for tea Pre-infusion volume: selected as percentage of total volume Fill pause: duration of pre-infusion, in seconds Extraction time: duration of infusion, in seconds Turbulence on: duration of first air infusion stage Turbulence off: pause before next air infusion stage Turbulence power: intensity of air infusion stage(s) Press out power: intensity of forced passage through filter Press out time: duration of forced passage through filter

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