Crossland CC1 Home Espresso Machine

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Espresso machine
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When an engineer with years of experience with commercial espresso machines decides to design something for the home market, you get a machine like the Crossland CC1. A standout among home espresso machines, the CC1 manages to pack a full suite of high-end features into a compact and easy to use package. Like other machines in its price range, it features a commercial-sized 58mm group and portafilter, a three-way solenoid valve to relieve basket pressure, an overpressure valve to regulate brew pressure, and a fairly large 500 mL stainless steel boiler.

Where it stands apart from its contemporaries are its integrated electronics, which add a great degree of control and usability. The user can program and store three unique profiles, with settings for brew temperature, pre-infusion, brew time, and even the PID settings and temperature offset. Those profiles can then be used to automatically brew perfect shots, or can even be left alone to run the machine semi-automatically.

The CC1 also breaks from the norm by utilizing a unique steaming system. Rather than go the Single Boiler Dual Use route, the CC1 features a dedicated thermoblock for steam. This means that the brew boiler is always set to a brew temperature, and simply pumps hot water into the steam block to flash to steam. This allows the user to pull shots and steam, then move on to the next shot without needing to wait for the brew boiler to cool. A large 2 liter reservoir ensures that extended shot-pulling sessions go unimpeded, and a roomy 1 liter drip tray can handle plenty of drips, purges, and dialing in.

Highlighted Features

High-quality Stainless steel construction
0.5 L Stainless Steel Boiler
Improved diffuser block with better heat retention
Built-in PID temperature control
Programmable shot settings, including pre-infusion
Commercial-sized 58mm group and portafilter
Three-way solenoid valve
2 Liter Water Reservoir
Standard Features

Electronic controls with three programmable profiles
Thermoblock for steaming with independent 700 watt heating element
Articulating steam wand with single hole tip
Integrated shot timer
Large 1 liter drip tray
Removable cup warming tray
In The Box:

Crossland CC1 Espresso Machine
1 Double Spout Portafilter
Single Insert Basket
Double Insert Basket
Blind Basket for backflushing
58mm Flat Piston Tamper
User Manual

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