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Mahlkonig K30 Vario Espresso Grinder: Competition Standard

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Every Mahlkonig grinder screams "professionalism". Easy to clean and operate, they're lives are dedicated to preserving the fine aroma and flavor of your coffee. Mahlkonig's K30 Vario has been a premier machine since it was selected as the official grinder of the World Barista Championships in 2009. Its most coveted features are a 65-millimeter flat burr set, doserless and handsfree operation, and the ability to program single and double shots within a tenth of a second. Want even better shot consistency? Check out Mahlkonig's updated K30 Air espresso grinder. Highlighted Features Standard Features Programmable dosing controls Mahlkonig's K30 Vario allows the barista to program grind time for both a single and a double shot to the tenth of a second. The electronic control panel also keeps record of daily and lifetime use. Stop-and-start grinding Single and double shot dosing begins when you push the portafilter into the button under the dosing chamber. If you prefer to pause and settle the grounds in the portafilter, do so! The grinder will remember the amount of time that remains and resume grinding when you push the button is deployed again. Each portion is ground individually into the portafilter for minimal waste. High-precision cutting discs guarantee cool grinding, even under heavy loads. Electronically-controlled dosage and grind profile ensure consistent pour rates. Stepless grind adjustment allows for incremental and precise grind adjustments. Also available in 1- or 3-phase versions with converters for high-volume stores (select from options above).

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