Arctic Air AR23 - 1 Door Reach-In Refrigerator

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Commercial refrigerator
Total Number of Compartments: 1
Door Style: Solid (Full Length)
Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world without constantly worrying about whether or not your refrigerator will last more than three years? Or a place where you saved more than you spent on repairs and maintenance issues? Arctic Air's newly designed AR23 1 door reach-in refrigerator ups the ante in style and performance at a price point you can't afford to ignore.

If you're familiar with Arctic Air, you'll notice the complete design overhaul their products have undergone. High grade stainless steel now covers and protects the outside shell of their refrigerators and freezers. Thankfully, Arctic Air's design change means greater durability, easier clean-up, and better looks, all without increasing the cost.

Another addition which hasn't upped Arctic Air's cost packs a punch. Efficient high output fan motors and bigger blades ensure faster recovery times, saving you money. An electronic thermostat (33F-41F) regulates inner cabinet temperature with precision while the external digital display keeps temp monitoring convenient for you. And the bottom mounted compressor and condenser keep accessibility high and costs low through fast front panel entry and a slide out rack positioned near the coldest part of your kitchen - the floor. Added performance without adding to the price means real savings for you.

Improved power. Longer life. Better recovery times. All wrapped up in a shiny new stainless design that's easy on the eye and easy on the budget. Arctic Air's new contemporary design and enhanced performance meet the demands of your commercial kitchen at a price you can't ignore.

Electronic thermostat (33F-41F) with external digital LED display for accurate control and easy reading.
Larger fan motors and blades for more efficient air flow ensuring faster recovery times.
Magnetic door gasket is removable and replaceable without tools.
Exterior cabinet construction consists of full stainless steel front and sides.
One year parts and labor warranty and a five year compressor warranty.

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