Atlantic Metalworks BAR-3CS-101410-2 - 10x14x10 3 Comp. 2 DB Economy Bar Sink

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Under bar sink
Your establishment in a cozy one (perhaps even a food truck), but your still want some extra space to stack your beer or wine glasses while they’re waiting to be washed. Or perhaps you want some space to hold oranges waiting to be washed and later used in craft cocktails. Atlantic MetalWorks BAR-3CS-101410-2 stainless steel, three (3) compartment bar sink with its double (2) drainboards sounds like it might work perfectly for you. Better for compact commercial kitchens and bars, it will scoot right into those tight spaces. Also, it’s made from 18-gauge, 304 type stainless steel, meaning it can take the hard knocks that bartending hands out.

Hey there partner, these sinks are economy-level commercial equipment manufactured for functionality. It is not uncommon for there to be light scratching or other standard industrial blemishes which, while they have no effect on the performance of the equipment, might look out of place in an upscale, residential setting. If you're looking for beauty then you may want to consider paying more for a premium, residential line.

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